We receive many letters from the families we have served, thanking us for our support during their loss. They emphasize on the professionalism, compassion and true value of the services we provide.

I never imagined I would write a review for a funeral home. Though Mr. Gesios handled everything, for me and my family, after the loss of our son-in-law, with so much care that I was impressed. They handle everything wholeheartedly. Thank you very much!

Georgia Konstantinidou, Thessaloniki

There are no words to describe what wonderful people Cleon and Themis are. I'm a very organized person and I can say that these two people were one step ahead of me in every step. Well done, I highly recommend them.

Alexandros Z., Thessaloniki

We were in need of Gesios Funeral Home one and a half years ago. We were impressed by how friendly, compassionate and polite everyone was. From the beginning till the end they handled everything with sensitivity and ease. They were very analytical and explanatory about the process before and after the ceremony. Over time, we needed a document that we had lost and they responded immediately. Thank you very much!

George Petsalnikos, Thessaloniki

The best funeral home in Thessaloniki. They helped us decide through thorough discussion whether to choose burial or cremation and how would the whole ceremony be organized. Thank you very much for the honor you did to my mother on her last trip.

Ioanna D., Thessaloniki

I have known Mr. Stavros Gesios since I was a little kid. I was always impressed by how serious and well educated he is. My parents got to know him due to our grandmother's death. After 22 whole years we were in need of his services once again because of my mother. He took care of her the same respectful way he did with my grandmother. Thank you very much Mr. Stavros.

Evangelia Chatzieleftheriou, Thessaloniki

They represent a model of reference and example for the rest of the funeral homes. Everything was perfect. They exceeded our expectations.

Costas Markouizos, Athens

Everything was handled with professionalism, discretion and dignity. Communication with Mr. Cleon Gesios was reassuring and comfortable. They traveled 350 km to transport my father-in-law's body to his place of origin as he wished. They arranged the whole process perfectly!

Eugenia Eugeniou, Cyprus

Everything was as expected. The decoration was unique and the discretion of the people at the office was unprecedented. Thanks for everything.

Giannis Bakalis, Halkidiki

My father, Vitomir Pavlovic, died on June 28th, 2019 while visiting Greece from New York.  He was on a pilgrimage to Holy Mount Athos with my son, Andrew.  They stayed at the Serbian Monastery Hilendar.
Upon leaving Mount Athos by boat Friday, June 28th,  he was taken ill and transferred to Polygiros clinic and ultimately taken to the Hospital at Halikidiki, where he was pronounced dead from massive heart attack.
I want to take this opportunity to commend this Funeral Home:
Gesios Funeral Home
G. Papandreou 30 in Thessaloniki
I was professionally assisted by Mr. Themis Dimopoulos, who went above and beyond all customary services to help me to arrange for my father’s body to be flown home.  Mr. Dimopoulos was the only English-speaking funeral director in Thessaloniki out of the 4 your Embassy provided to me. This was very important to me as everything I needed to accomplish required translations: police report, coroner report, all paperwork, arrangements; every single thing that needed to be taken care of.  I cannot imagine accomplishing what I needed to do without relying on the assistance of Gesios Funeral Home.  
Besides this very important consideration, Mr. Dimopoulos and his family took the most sincere, professional and efficient care of me to expedite all of the procedures that needed to be accomplished to return my father’s body home to the US.  Mr. Dimopulos drove me to locations over an hour away from my hotel, he provided translation services, he travelled by airplane to the Embassy in Athens to ensure that my father’s body would be on the plane that he booked.  His family took the time and attention to preparing my father’s body with every detail with respect and professionalism. Everything related to transfer of my father’s body was carefully explained and copied for me to ensure that there would be no delays.
In total, I spent 4 days arranging this business.  Those 4 days could have been many, many more.  Those 4 days also would have been filled with desperation and frustration and fear if not for Mr. Dimopoulos and his family at Gesios Funeral Home. Instead I was treated with the utmost care and respect and expertise.
I would recommend that Gesios Funeral Home is at the top of your list for Americans and any English-speaking people for this most sorrowful and distressful time.  If not for the help I received from Gesios, I am sure that it would have taken me so much longer to accomplish all that I needed to do.
I am grateful for the dedication, competence and respectful care my family received from Gesios Funeral Home.
Thank you for your personal communication with me during this difficult time.

Marina Pavlovic, New York USA