Funeral Pre-Planning

Record your wishes

There are many benefits to consider planning your funeral ahead. Here are the top ten reasons why you should pre-plan your funeral in advance:


  1. First of all, there will be fewer opportunities for argument and indecision about the details of your funeral arrangements among family members after you're gone.
  2. Relatives will not worry about making a mistake in organizing your funeral because you will have already informed them about exactly what you want.
  3. There will be no mistakes and no oversights. Everything will be as you want it to be.
  4. You will no longer have any worries knowing that we will follow through your wishes.
  5. After your death, no one can make decisions you would not want.
  6. Funeral pre-planning is the responsible thing that each one of us should do. It removes the responsibility from family members.
  7. When you have the time to think things through, you can more easily make complex decisions.
  8. Funeral pre-planning can also include pre-payment. This will save your family money and prevent any financial burden.
  9. Funeral planning involves an awareness of the reality of death.
  10. It is guaranteed that everything will be done your way.  


Organization of financial and legal obligations

  • Make a contact list with all of those who need to be notified in case of a medical emergency or death, including the funeral home, that you want to take care of your funeral.
  • Write down your will and do not omit data such as: bank and investment accounts, mortgage or real insurance, insurance contracts, retirement plans, security lockers, real and personal properties of value and all relevant phone numbers.
  • Choose someone you trust to deal with your online accounts: email, online memberships on any web pages and social media. All relevant information should be included and you should state whether any of the accounts need to be deleted, closed or maintained.


Organize funeral details

We suggest the following:

  •  State, in writing, your preferences for burial or cremation.
  •  If you prefer burial, give details about your preferences for a particular parish, a cemetery, etc.
  •  If you have chosen a burial, what kind of casket would you like? Do you want it to be made of wood, metal or composite materials?
  •  If you choose cremation, what do you want to be done with the ashes?
  •  Would you like a traditional or political funeral?
  •  What type and colors of flowers would you prefer?
  •  Would you like to choose a charitable organization to receive donations in your name?


Taking care of your pets

If you're sharing your life with a pet, you need to think about who you would like to take care of it. Talk to this person to see if they would be interested in taking responsibility for your pet and don't forget to include all important contact information.

Final procedures on funeral planning

If you would like to consider paying in advance for your funeral, please contact us in order to inform you about the administration of your pre-payment.

You will be relieved and reassured knowing that all the details are written and there can be no mistake as to your wishes. If you have any questions about our funeral services, do not hesitate to call us at +30 2310 41 99 99 or visit us at one of our offices in Thessaloniki.