Funeral Services

When the loss of a loved one occurs, family members are responsible for organizing the burial ceremony while at the same time they have to deal with grief. Burial details can be confusing to relatives, so we are here to help you. You can rely on us.

Nowadays we refer to funeral as the honor of the dead, an honor that lasts from the ancient times.

  • In modern times, traditional funerals begin with the care, the pharmaceutical treatment, the beauty preparations, and the adornment of the body.
  • Afterwards the funeral procession takes place in the Holy Temple.
  • Followed by the burial in the Cemeteries and finally the reception.

Gesios Funeral Home undertakes the entire organization of the ceremony in an atmosphere of respect, professionalism, dignity and discretion from the beginning till the end. We stand by your side and always available to you, in order to inform you of all the possible options you can have and to discuss any of your wishes.