Funeral Videography

The ceremony of the funeral, as well as the other ceremonial mysteries of a person's life, is an unforgettable event.

We give you the chance to record the entire ceremony in video so that this event remains in the archive of each family.

The videography also provides an opportunity for those who did not manage to attend the ceremony either through livestreaming or after a few days.

Due to the current situation, with the restriction on the number of attendants at the ceremony due to coronavirus, we adapt the participation in an outgoing sequence through either skype or YouTube for those who want to participate in it but exceed the number of 10 people provided by law.

As funerals are now held in a close family circle, friends and other loved ones of the deceased have the opportunity, through this offered service, to be "present" in the ceremony via their mobile phone or computer.

Relatives and friends who are not included in the circle of ten people who can have a physical presence at the ceremony, are informed about the starting time of the funeral and how can they attend it.

"A high-definition camera is set up, covering the whole funeral procession even in low light, with audio-visual clarity" said the funeral home owner, Kleon Gesios, noting that online guests have the ability to send audio or written messages of condolences to the family of the deceased. In some cases, the number of the participants of the ceremony is high and as a result the funeral cannot be covered by skype, so a page has been created on YouTube for that matter.

"The live broadcast of the ceremonies was preceded before the ban for relatives and friends living abroad, such as in the United States or Australia, because it was otherwise impossible for them to attend the funerals of their loved ones," explains Cleon Gesios.

"Now that the absence of attendants is necessary for the common good, skype connection is being held in Thessaloniki as well, and more than 10 funerals have already taken place with a remote audience."

Source from the interview of Mr. Cleon Gesios at ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ and with Anastasia Telianidou.