Cremation Services

Cremation is an alternative option that has become quite popular since 2006 when the relevant law was passed. In 2019 the crematorium in the area of ​​Ritsona in Chalkida was erected, at the 75th km of the Athens-Lamia National Road. It offers complete cremation, scattering of ashes and memorial services for relatives and friends. Up until now, the cremation process has been carried out in an approved crematorium in Sofia, Bulgaria, which still exists as an option at the request of the customer. The cremation requires a special care and pre-treatment of the body (embalming, medical care, decoration) along with the licensing and the translation of the necessary documents (only for crematoria abroad) we are ready for departure. Accompanied by our staff and family, if desired, we supervise the cremation process in the crematorium which lasts about 3 hours. After, we return and deliver the ashtray (metal, ceramic, marble) to the family.

Before you make the decision for cremation:

  • Learn about your burning options.
  • Check the information about cremation on our website.
  • We encourage you to have a discussion with your family to get to know how they feel about cremation and what they prefer.
  • Talk to one of our experts.

Talk to us about your wishes concerning cremation.

There are several forms we can provide for this ceremony.

The Gesios Funeral Office provides you with reliable information about cremation that will eject the myths and keep you better informed. We can further elaborate the whole process of the cremation and we can solve any of your questions via phone or by appointment at our offices.