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Gesios Funeral Home was established in 1995 and is offering you complete services with responsibility, reliability and consistency.

Our company is occupied with specialized staff and modern equipment so that the ceremony takes place according to your wishes, with piety and support to the mourners.

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No one is ready for the grief.

The rush of emotions, thoughts, worries and sadness can surprise us. However, when we choose to take advantage of this situation to strengthen ourselves, amazing things can happen.

Gesios Funeral House cooperates with experienced partners, who can provide psychological support for our customers.

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What should I choose? Burial or Cremation?

Our quiz can guide you in the right direction to decide between burial or cremation.

We give you some food for thought about the questions you need to consider while choosing.

After finishing the quiz, we suggest you browse into our website to get a complete view of both cremation and burial services.