The website uses cookies to improve the user navigation experience.

"Cookies" are small files with information that the web server stores on a user's computer, so that every time the user logs on to the website, the latter retrieves that information and offers the user related services.

The cookies of our website are divided into the following categories:

    1. Necessary cookies - functionality cookies: They are necessary for the operation of the website and the improvement of its usability.

    2. Statistical cookies: They help us understand how visitors interact with the pages, collecting anonymous information. For example, it lets us know which pages users visit most often and if they receive error messages.

    3. Promotion Cookies - Marketing Cookies: They facilitate the display of ads that are more interesting and attractive to any user.

Based on the current legislation, the following possibilities / functions have been defined for the users:

    1. Appearance of a pop-up box for the selection of the desired cookies.

    2. Clear categorization and reporting of the categories of cookies used by the website 

    3. Ability of the user / visitor -with a button- to read about cookies (what they are, what they do, where they are used) before giving their consent.

    4. Consent is given with clear, positive energy by the user / visitor, who is asked to make his choice and confirm it.

    5. In the event that the user / visitor for any reason and in any way, continues to navigate without having made any choice, it is automatically considered that he has accepted only the necessary cookies for the operation of the site. 

    6. In the option to reject all, it goes without saying that the necessary cookies, in a manner lawful with the applicable provisions, remain and the user is not excluded from browsing or any vital function of the Site. 

    7. After acceptance, the user can - in addition to the browser settings - intervene again and change his choice, through the page "Privacy Policy - Cookies" by dragging again the pop-up window.

Below is a table with the important features of the Cookies-Registration Mechanisms used by the website. 


Category Description Service Duration
Necessary cookies
It is necessary for the proper operation of the website, the establishment of a connection and the creation of a user account. For this reason they are always activated. Cookie consent Necessary to store the desired visitor options for the use of cookies. 365 Days
    Session cookie
A special system cookie for the purpose of proper operation, navigation of the user on the website and completion of orders.
As long as you have the browser open

Google maps

To enable map display through Google Maps.

365 Days
Statistics Cookies They relate to the collection of information that allows us to understand how our site is used by visitors, and help to improve its functionality, structure and content. Data such as IP address, various demographic information, etc. are collected. Google Analytics
We collect site performance and usage results from our visitors, in order to improve content and loading speed.
365 Days

Skroutz Analytics

Information is collected on the export of useful statistics on the sales and performance of the online store.

365 Days
Marketing Cookies They concern the customization of advertising content (advertising targeting cookies), so that it reflects your interests. They also help us evaluate how effective our advertising campaigns are. Google Ads
Collects ad statistics to improve targeting by providing relevant advertising messages.
365 Days
    Facebook Pixel
Traffic statistics and visitor demographics are collected to optimize the display of targeted advertising content.
365 Days
Special cookie required for any printing / uploading / sharing of the content of any page of the website.
365 Days

Contact Pigeon

We collect information that is used to promote advertising content as well as the display of messages related to the use of inside and outside the platform.

365 Days

Facebook Messenger

Special cookie for the application of visitor interaction functions with Facebook.

As long as you have the browser open


Disable / Delete Cookies

Cookies do not pose a risk to your computer system or your files. You can of course disable cookies using the setting in your browser that allows you to refuse the setting of certain cookies. However, if you use your browser settings to disable all cookies (including basic cookies) you may not be able to access all parts of our site or any other sites you may visit.

Disabling a cookie or cookie category does not delete the cookie from your browser. You will need to do this separately in your browser.

You have the option to revoke your consent, or re-select the cookie categories you accept by clicking here  . Once you have done that, refresh your page and a pop-up window will appear to select the categories of Cookies you accept from the beginning.